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Once upon a family tree

House History

Discovering the history of your house, and the people that lived there and cared for the property before you can be an exciting journey.

My house history packages detail the previous owners and tenants of a property, offering a glimpse of how they lived their lives in your house, and where possible looks at what the land your house stands upon was previously used for.

Initially, this service is only available for the County of Wiltshire, UK, but is hoped to expand into other nearby authorities - Bath and Bristol. Please ask if there is a property further afield that you would like researched.

House history research is initially charged at my budget rate - £55 for three hours of work. If extra work is required to complete a record, this will not be embarked upon until discussed with the client, but will be at the usual £20 per hour rate. Any travel expenses incurred will be extra.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.