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Discover your family tree through your mother

...and her mother .....and her mother .......

What's Your Family's Story?

Are you the descendent of a ragged crew of pirates?

Are you the product of a long line of strong women?

What's the history of your house, and the people that lived there?

Or are you related to minor nobility?

Once Upon A Family Tree can help you discover your family's story and more

I’m Lucy Whitfield, and I’m a professional genealogist with over thirteen years’ experience based in the UK. I offer a range of family history research services to people looking for information on ancestors in England, Scotland and Wales, with a particular interest in Wiltshire and Swindon, Bath and Bristol. I am also committed to locating and discovering the real stories of women through the records, as family history traditionally follows the male lineage.

Family history research can help you discover:

  • Who your ancestors were
  • When and where your ancestors were born
  • Where your ancestors lived
  • What your ancestors did for a living
  • Who your ancestors married
  • Who your ancestors’ children were

I can offer a traditional family tree package, or a matrilineal one. Alternatively, I offer a custom research option - perhaps you’ve come to a dead end with your own family history research, can’t get to a record office that I can access easily, want to extend work that’s already been done, are keen to find out some more about a much-loved person from your past, looking for a special present for a birthday with a zero in it, or want to discover your history but are on a tight budget. Whatever your needs, I can help.

Please email me for further information and a no-obligation quote, or to arrange an informal conversation about how I can best help you to discover your family’s past.